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VIP Early Advantage

There’s no better time to be a VIP! Join our email list today, and be one of the first to access our Black Friday specials! On November 17, for 24 hours only, you will be able to shop our specials earlier than anyone else.  Here’s the details:

15% off your total purchase.

Free Gift with every purchase.  Every purchase made with your VIP coupon code, will include an Aromatherapy Shower Fizzer absolutely free!

Free Shipping on orders over $75 .

Orders over $150 will receive 2 Free Gifts and Free Shipping!  Not only will you get an Aromatherapy Shower Fizzer, you will also receive one of our Weekender soaps. This is a travel-size soap, perfect for you or as a stocking stuffer for someone else.

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Welcome to PLACES!

Over the past 12 years, we’ve been wholly dedicated to delivering first-class handcrafted soap, skin care and home fragrance products that take you places.  Today, we’re excited to share our new luxury artisan soap brand, PLACES. Creating PLACES has been a year in the making, and we are so proud to introduce it to you. PLACES takes our tried-and-true concept of location-themed soaps and expands on it. Luxe new soap boxes and a sophisticated color palette, as well as new soaps celebrating even more places, are all part of this exciting launch.


In addition, several of our current best-selling soaps will continue to be sold under the new brand name. We’ve added some new products to our line as well. Our sophisticated Home Fragrance Diffusers have a chic, contemporary look that fits well into any decor.

jar-w-reedsFour varieties of indulgent Bath Salts offer a new way to immerse yourself in some all-new fragrance blends. All of our products promise a first-class trip to an amazing destination.PLACES_BATH_SALTS_ESCAPE_WFLOWER

We truly feel that PLACES reflects the quality of our products and the artistry that we put into them. We hope you agree. Check out PLACES on September 20 at our new web site: You can also find PLACES on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Like Us, Follow Us and engage with us! If there’s anything at all that we can do for you, then please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We can be reached at or at our new phone number, 734.237.9808.


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West of Where?

cropped-PLACES_TICKET.jpgSince all directions are dependent on where you are starting from, you may be wondering how we decided on what destinations are part of each collection (North, South, East and West).  We stayed true to our Michigan roots when making this decision, and are keeping Michigan at the center of our compass. Anyplace East of Michigan, whether it’s New Hampshire or England, will be in the East collection. South could be Ohio or South America and so on. We will be taking a world view when choosing our destinations, and are looking forward to having you along for the trip. We would love to hear your suggestions!